Buying a New Printer and Resilience that Comes with It

This is one story any printer sales executive would dread to go through. Well, the news story is pretty long, but here’s a snapshot. According to this news report, one Doug Costello in the US sold an inkjet printer on an online site to a fellow American for $40. You would have thought what the big deal is; hundreds of printers might be getting sold every hour on the internet. But the seller, Mr. Doug Costello, is facing a court judgment to pay $30,000 as penalty since the buyer sued him for non-functioning of the printer. And the news report seems to suggest he has already spent $12,000 as legal fees to fight the case. There are lots of legalities in the whole story, but the fact is the seller ignored several pleas from the buyer to make good the loss and could pay the penalty. Is there a moral in it for sellers of printing machines or any other product for that matter?

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Get to Know a Product You Wish to Buy

In the real world out there, people have become very practical and companies engaged in office machines sales don’t get their orders easily. There’s tough competition and the customers have become much more knowledgeable and choosy. The buyers can access expert printer buying advice through online resources and can make up their mind on the machine they should be buying for their application.

Printer Selection, an Elaborate Process

Because of the variety of functions printers offer, you will have to be fully prepared with the details of what your actual need is. Within an organisation, there would be a high end printer or a routine black-only laser printer connected to the network so that everyone could take printouts directly. Sometimes special printers are used for specific functions like an invoice printing or accounts statements printing.

Here’s where it gets to be a bit tougher. The printer sales executive will want to know how much volume of printing you will have, what kind of outputs you will need, would you have to print photographs in the house and so on. Hopefully, you possess these details, and it is not difficult to shortlist a few machines, possibly 3 or 4, which match what you need.

Now, the toughest thing would be to choose one and drop the rest. You will find there are printers which can take commands through a Bluetooth connection and do the printing or other activities it is designed to perform. If photography printing is also required, look at printers with the Pictbridge or PB feature. In this, you could enable your digital camera to send instructions directly to the printer. If the printer sales company is able to offer the model with this feature in the model you have shortlisted, it makes your choice quicker and better.

Pricing and Terms

If all the other technical features have been agreed on, you should get to the pricing and the commercial terms the sales person is offering. You might also find a good deal on a new printer. Your whole exercise can come to a nice positive conclusion, and you should have a nice printer for your application.

Buying any new office equipment could become exciting if there is a huge choice out there and when your own knowledge about the equipment increases manifold. But in the end, there would be smiles all around. For more details visit http://printer-repairs diabetes

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